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Taxi companies in Veliko Tarnovo

There are approximately 4800 taxis in Sofia that are officially approved by the Sofia Municipality. Most of them are working for a dozen of big taxi companies that operate the transportation market in Sofia. Despite the fact that there are many stand-alone taxi drivers that provide an excellent taxi service in most of the biggest companies there are procedures to protect the customer and provide the best possible service.
As a foreigner in Bulgaria we do recommend you to use the services of one/some of the big taxi companies.



No matter what the company policy is, sometimes it’s up to the driver what kind of service you will get. To avoid being overcharged in a taxi, please read our guide on how to avoid taxi scam in Sofia.

Although 99% of the taxis in Sofia are reliable, there is 1% running on very high taxi rates and some of them try to fake the logo of some regular taxi company. One of the most faked taxi brand in Sofia is OK SuperTrans a.k.a. OK Taxi. Have in mind that the number of such fake taxis is very small, but they are usually standing where there are a huge number of foreigners or Bulgarians that are first time in Sofia. If you know how to recognize them you will be able to successfully avoid them and have a nice and pleasant trip around Sofia.